Bright may not be good enough – many people evaluate a light source based on how bright it appears. This seldom factors in national lighting standards and issues like glare, uniformity, light levels at distance, and more. Getting the performance you need takes a high performance directional LED source.

Vega Light Control Systems retrofit solutions give you the power and performance to replace high output light sources with LED without degrading the system performance. We use some of the industry’s best lighting engineers and some of the highest performance optics, LEDs, drivers, and surge suppressors to deliver a system second to none. The following information will show you how we do it.

The Fundamentals:

How to retrofit right

Spec Compliant Light Source:

  • Drive the light out without waste and glare
  • Produces uniform illumination
  • Minimal uplight or glare
  • Light at or below 70° critical
  • IES compliance requires uniformity
  • Dark skies compliance
  • Rebate approval

The Retrofit Goal:

Meet or exceed the performance of the existing light source per IES standards

How to Successfully Upgrade to LED

Standard 100w HPS

Standard 100 HPS

  • Traditional Style Lamp
  • 9,300 Lumens Total 360o
  • 3,617 Lumens below 70o
  • Bright appearance
  • Good light performance
  • Expensive to operate
  • Short Life

40w LED Corn Cob Retrofit

40w LED Corn Cob Retrofit

  • Corncob Style LED Lamp
  • 4,000 Lumens Total
  • 889 Lumens below 70o
  • Typically does not comply with IES
  • Typically not Rebate Approved
  • Bright Appearance
  • 50% (est) reduction of light on the ground
  • Poor Light Performance
  • Short life

40w LED D4 Retrofit

40w LED D4 Retrofit

  • D4 LED Post Top Retrofit
  • 4,000 Lumens Total
  • 3,904 Lumens below 70o
  • Performs to IES
  • Rebate Approved
  • Bright but low glare
  • 8% Increase of light on the ground
  • Good performance
  • 100,000 Hour life

Actual Photometrics – 0.1 fc and above shaded

Standard 100w HPS

Standard 100w HPS

Traditional Style Lamp
Covers 7,398 sq ft
Photometrics Standard 100w HPS

40w LED Corn Cob Retrofit

40w LED Corn Cod Retrofit

Corncob Style LED Lamp
Covers 4,404 sq ft
Photometrics Corn Cob Retrofit

40w LED D4 Retrofit

40w LED Dr Retrofit

D4 LED Post Top Retrofit
Covers 8,768 sq ft
Photometrics D4 Retrofit

Successful LED Retrofit:

Important Principals to Understand:

  • High Pressure Sodium is very efficient (90-120 LPW)
  • Most LED systems are about the same efficiency (80-120 LPW)
  • How can someone replace HPS with LED and get an energy savings without reducing light
    levels and coverage?

Efficient light control is the only way an LED system can replace high
pressure sodium without violating national ANSI/IES lighting standards

Most corn cob style products have little to no light control.Vega Light Control Systems use only highly
engineered optics to manage light.

Retrofit with peace of mind. Retrofit withVega Light Control Systems and we’ll help you select the right
product for your application.

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