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Lighting Ada Bible Church

What’s the old saying? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again? Unfortunately, Ada Bible Church had to live that cliché literally when they decided to upgrade the lighting in their parking lot.

It’s hard to describe what the parking lot looked like before. It was almost like what a cloudy day looks like at dusk; very difficult to see anything. For obvious safety reasons, they needed to re-illuminate the parking lot.

At first, Ada Bible Church hired one of our competitors to install LED screw-in products throughout the lot. Unfortunately, the high failure rate and very poor light performance was unusable and no better than before. The whole job needed to be redone.

On the second try, Ada Bible hired another one of our competitors and got the exact same results: bad light performance.

As the frustration mounted, giving up wasn’t an option as they needed to give their parishioners and visitors a safe environment at night and early in the morning. That’s when Ada Bible Church contacted Vega Light Control Systems for the first time.

After looking at the property and assessing the situation, we proposed our S7 Shoebox LED Retrofit, which was specifically designed for shoebox and parking-lot applications.

“Our installer commented the Retrofit kits installed quickly and easily,”
says Gayle Churches, facilities supervisor for Ada Bible Church.

The ease of installation is important, and results are undeniable. Take a look at our before and after footage to see the type of superior performance we can achieve thanks to our focus on quality engineering.

“It was a wonderful experience working with Vega Light Control Systems,” says Churches. “From determining our lighting needs through the project’s completion, they provided a high quality product and service.”

Photo Specs
Accurate details really matter to us, so when shooting the footage for the before and after we made sure they were both shot on clear nights, the same moon-phase, and the same hour after sunset.

All the photos have the same exposure settings in order to show an accurate difference in light levels:

  • The parking lot (the actual ground/cement) was a 4 second exposure for both before & after
  • The sky was 30 seconds for both photos (with lights off)
  • The light fixtures themselves were a 1/8th second exposure for both before and after

The parking lot cement also had the same white balance settings for both photos, which shows the new lighting has a warmer color temperature than the old lighting, which was darker and more blue.

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