Lighting the City of Chicago

When the third largest city in the United States needs large-scale deployment of a lighting solution for the entire city, vetting the right company and products is key. While many companies claim robust product solutions, ability to handle time constraints and aggressive lead times for product delivery; living up to these promises can be a daunting task for most. The need for a company that can devote sufficient resources to the project while still being able to produce quality in quantities to get the job done, makes for a  ‘nice, boring, predictable’ lighting roll out.

A little over three years ago, the city of Chicago was preparing for a selective deployment of LED solutions in residential areas. The city’s requirements and stringent specifications provided a perfect opportunity for VEGA Light Control Systems.
We were awarded the project based on our superior performance and a proven track record with the City of Chicago. The decision-makers knew how important reliability would be for such a large job, and we were thrilled to be assigned the task for many reasons, not the least of which being the opportunity to continue our success in providing robust, reliable lighting products on a major scale.

In fulfilling the city’s plan to retrofit all decorative street lighting,  with additional units in the Greater Chicagoland area,  the city engineering team understood the rigorous testing involved in our products and processes, to produce high quality light distribution. We pride ourselves on a superior design and performance, verifying through multiple testing procedures, that the product being delivered functions above our customer’s required standards.
To date, 15,000 units have been installed across the City of Chicago with 0.03% failures. In total, covering the Greater Chicagoland area, more than 20,000 units are in use, with fewer than five failures in the entire population.

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