Lighting the City of Chicago

When the third largest city in the United States needs large-scale deployment of a lighting solution for the entire city, vetting the right company and products is key. While many companies claim robust product solutions, ability to handle time constraints and aggressive lead times for product delivery; living up to these promises can be a […]

Is Brighter Always Better?

We’ve all been there. We’ve caught glimpses, or even stared, at an extremely bright light source. We see spots. “Wow,” we tell ourselves, “that is so bright, it must be exactly what I need for my project.” We need to be careful, though: brightness can fool us. Brightness can actually undermine our vision and our […]

ADA Bible Church

Lighting Ada Bible Church

What’s the old saying? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again? Unfortunately, Ada Bible Church had to live that cliché literally when they decided to upgrade the lighting in their parking lot. It’s hard to describe what the parking lot looked like before. It was almost like what a cloudy day looks like […]