Superior light performance is seemingly a very elusive thing, as most of the products used in the artificial lighting of our outdoor spaces create a variety of issues through misdirected and excessive use of light through largely antiquated products and methods still in use today.

At VEGA, we have designed and built products that address these common issues at the highest level, as we are constantly developing and honing our products to distribute light in the most efficient way possible, putting the light where it serves the viewer best.

Evolution of Technology Creates Confusion

  • Non lighting people have flooded the market place — a good understanding of lighting science and standards is hard to find
  • ‘Hurts my eyes’ is not a standard of excellence in lighting performance
  • The ‘brighter is better’ slippery slope
  • Design Lights Consortium (DLC) is not a measure of performance to lighting standards — it’s a utility rebate program based on LPW
  • Many solutions are driven more by marketing than by good lighting design principles, standards, and science.
  • Lighting standards are still relevant because they are based on how our eyes operate, which has changed little in thousands of years.