HPS is a good cost savings product over most LED Corn Cobs.  Most LED Corn Cob customers report total life between 2,000 and 15,000 hours (between ½ year to 4 years).  This means that HPS last much longer than most LED Corn Cobs.  Why buy a $50 LED Corn Cob when you can buy a $15 HPS lamp that lasts longer?

You can get to any price point if you are willing to compromise.  LED product rated life is based on the life of the LED, not the life of the LED driver (the weakest component where most compromise takes place).  If the product doesn’t last, it won’t pay you back.

We have TRUE 20 year life products.  Our products save 50-80% over the cost of High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide.  36 kV suppression standard in every product, exhaustive design and testing of every single production unit, and a 7 year warranty standard on every product we make (10 year also available).  Made in the USA….made right the first time.