Indiana Utility

Everywhere we have your light installed we have not had a single phone call (1,000+ installed).

Texas Rancher

The LED lights you sold us are wonderful! Thank you so much. It is nice to look out into the dark and see light. We are very happy with the purchase.

Texas Customer

This is the light we have been waiting for.

I wanted you to know that I received my 43W LED dusk to dawn light and photo cell yesterday and installed it just prior to dark. I’m amazed at how bright it is! It lights up the yard just like the 175W mercury vapor light it replaced which I did not think was possible with an LED lighting product. I am super pleased!

Minnesota Utility

We tested it against the 60w competitor and it has the same light distribution but with much better light control.

Colorado Customer

You hit a home run on this product.

Washington Customer

This is the best LED Dusk to Dawn product that we have seen.

Wisconsin Customer

We’ve been waiting over 5 years for this product

North Dakota Utility

We tested it against 10 competitors and it was far superior to the others. We even measured power factor correction at parity.

California Customer

This is a perfect replacement for our mercury vapor lights.

South Dakota Customer

Perfect replacement for 175w mercury vapor. It looks great.

Ohio Utility

Our customers prefer your 43w LED over 100w HPS

Ohio Utility

This is the best engineered light we’ve seen.

Ohio Customer

I have wanted to let you know that we really like the LED light you sold us. Both my son and I feel that this fixture is the best deal for the money that we have found thus far. The barn is built and the fixture has been in place on the S-W corner since early November. Although it is not as high as the light on the pole that it replaced, we feel that the light it projects is warmer and brighter than the 175 watt bulb that we used to use. Please extend to Vega our sincere congratulations on a good design.