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Flood Light

MaTech Lighting Systems’ LED Flood Light offer customers excellent energy and labor savings, and superior light performance, in an attractive sealed package. This system is consistent with MaTech Lighting Systems best in class LED systems, drivers, and surge suppression, found in some of the most demanding applications. Available in 60w, 90w, 140w, and 200w sizes, these fixtures come standard with 36 kV of series impedance balanced surge suppression. These units are designed for maximum energy savings, ultra long life, maintenance free.

LED Flood Light Specifications

  • 36 kV Surge Suppression, series, impedance balanced
  • Wattages: 60w, 90w, 140w, and 200w
  • Lumen Packages: 60w-5000 lm, 90w-7800 lm, 140w-12500 lm, 200w-18500 lm
  • Default Distribution: NEMA 6 x 6
  • 4000K CCT standard (5000K also available)
  • Constant Current system for maximum life and color stability
  • System designed to UL 1598 and UL 1449 3rd Edition
  • Comes standard with pivot base bracket. Additional hardware available upon request.
  • Tool-less easy access for maintenance and service
  • IP66 Components, sealed system
  • Conformal Coated LED boards for maximum life and reliability
  • LM-79, LM-80, In-Situ, TM-21, Surge, and 3G tested

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