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Vega Light Control Systems (Formerly MaTech) – Who We Are

Lighting Systems Overview

Lighting Systems Overview – PDF Download (3MB)

We are a world class manufacturer and integrator of advanced solid state solutions. We take our work personally which means every product we make demonstrates our commitment to quality, performance, ease of application/installation, and design to spec, in an engineered total solution. Our products are some of the best performing, longest lasting, and easiest to use products in the industry. We focus on delivering a product customers prefer in every regard (even cost!).

MaTech History

A team of industry professionals formed MaTech in 1997 with the purpose of providing solid state electronic solutions to the machining industry. We started with some of the world’s best surge suppression systems and slowly expanded that offering as customers requested more technology and more integration. Today Vega Light Control Systems is proud to offer integrated products driven by Sylvania, LED Dusk to Dawn Barn Light, advance LED light engines for new and retrofit applications, Florida Department of Transportation approved LED signage products, Michigan Department of Transportation approved LED case sign products, LED Pedestrian Crosswalk Signage solutions, and much more.

Vega Light Control Systems Commitment

Vega Light Control Systems remain committed to maximizing our US content in every product we make. 100% of our manufacturing facilities are located in the US and most of our suppliers are US based as well. Vega Light Control Systems also strives to continuously improve our environmental impact through our products, our processes, and our people. Take a look at what customers have said about our product.

Terms and Conditions

The Vega Light Control Systems Advantage

You have an advantage working with Vega Light Control Systems. Our staff includes some of the best LED and solid state systems engineers in the world. Our suppliers include the second largest global producer of LED chips (Osram Sylvania). Our drivers and surge suppressors are tested to the highest standards and even tested as a complete system (experts know surge suppression for example is a cumulative function and not solely dependent on the rating of the suppressor itself). We under-drive all LED systems, run them well below max rated temperatures, test to industry standards, and much more. We’re thorough and it is reflected in our products. At Vega Light Control Systems we strive to earn your business on every project.