Vega Light Control Systems (Formerly MaTech) – Who We Are

Lighting Systems Overview

Lighting Systems Overview – PDF Download (3MB)

Vega Light Control Systems was established in 1996 and started in extreme application surge suppression. We evolved over time and took our uncompromising focus on quality and performance into solutions with increasing component system integration. Our first high volume LED lighting projects were DOT projects for Florida and Michigan where we gained a reputation uncompromising quality and performance with exceptionally low failure rates. We continued to build on our success and reputation and brought on a number of industry experts in advanced lighting systems. Our product portfolio and our business has continued to slowly evolve while our values and focus remains unchanged. Uncompromising, best in class products are integral to our DNA and will always remain a cornerstone of our business.

Vega Light Control Systems Commitment

Vega Light Control Systems remain committed to maximizing our US content in every product we make. 100% of our manufacturing facilities are located in the US and most of our suppliers are US based as well. Vega Light Control Systems also strives to continuously improve our environmental impact through our products, our processes, and our people. Take a look at what customers have said about our product.

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