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MaTech is Now Vega Light Control Systems

We’re proud to launch our new name, Vega Light Control Systems, as part of our ongoing brand evolution.

Vega Light Control Systems has grown and progressed over the last 20 years, and our vision and product offerings have disrupted the market. A new name and brand to support our continued growth better reflects who we are today and symbolizes our dynamic future.

Why Vega?
Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra and is the baseline for calibrating the photometric brightness scale. Because of our commitment to lighting standards, our devotion to being the benchmark in performance and light control—not to mention our desire to stand out—Vega perfectly represents our brand.

We strive to produce the highest performance and longest lasting products you can buy. We are a US LED systems manufacturer with plants located in Michigan. You’ll find our commitment to you in our development, testing, quality systems, name brand components, uncompromising manufacturing, and our people. Our staff includes NCQLP Lighting Certified professionals with years of industry experience to support you.

Please contact us at support@vegalightcontrol.com or call us at 616-259-0700

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What's New


LED Corn Cob Light

LED Corn Cob Lights have advantages that will improve as LED technology advances:

  1. Price – Up front price is very attractive. Long term cost is unattractive.
  2. Ease of Installation – A screw in solution will be very attractive once the weight is reduced and the surge suppression improves.

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