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What Our Clients Are Saying

City of Chicago
“We have not had a single failure in over 25,000 lights installed to date.”

– City of Chicago

Dominion Power“You were the only ones who delivered a performance LED solution that fit our   decorative fixtures.”
– Dominion Power

Keene State“We tested your product against every product we could find including major manufacturers and screw in solutions and your product outperformed them all.”

– Keene State College

University of Connecticut

“It was an easy install that took approximately 10 minutes per fixture.”

– University of Connecticut


Case Studies

Superior LED Systems, Light Performance, and Reliability

Vega Light Control Systems has grown and progressed over the last 20 years, and our vision and product offerings have disrupted the market.

A new name and brand to support our continued growth better reflects who we are today and symbolizes our dynamic future.

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Why Vega

We strive to make life better for our customers.

We engineer our products to be the best, without compromise.  We strive to produce the lowest cost reliable products, and we know that means it’s not always the lowest price.  Our focus is on the quality, performance, and reliability that it takes to really save money, trouble free, long term.

We’re very advanced in our technology and old fashioned in our values.  At Vega we believe in giving our customers our best, and doing the same in our community.  We believe you deserve honesty, transparency, and straight answers to difficult problems and the kind of solutions we would choose for ourselves.

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.  We build products with features that make lighting easy, so you can focus on what’s important to you.  Whether it’s the ability to shut off the backlight remotely, or ability to dim a product with a smart phone, or a built in mesh network within our light itself, we make lighting easy.

We will take the excitement out of your lighting.

Call us at Vega Light Control Systems and experience the difference!

Why Directional is so Important

  • Maximum Coverage & Efficiency

    It’s a performance multiplier – maximum coverage at minimum wattage.

  • Outperforms All

    It’s needed for all roadway applications and it outperforms non-directional light sources by a factor of 2-4 times!

  • Less Glare

    Dramatically improved performance at a fraction of the glare.

  • Reduced Light Pollution

    Reduced uplight (dark skies friendly)